Bodyweight Exercises

The couch is comfy, the television turned on, and it’s too rainy outside for a jog. Many people find themselves in situations such as this and decide to leave the workout for another night. You can always work out tomorrow, right? Well, no. Oftentimes, these people continue to find excuses to not to exercise.

This is where bodyweight exercises come in. These are strength training exercises that are great for your body and require very little, if any, equipment. Best of all, you can do them right in front of the TV. Obviously, you don’t have to do these exercises while watching TV, but it sure makes them more enjoyable.

One of the best ways to incorporate television into your workout is by choosing one show to watch every time that you work out. Start with the first episode and base your bodyweight workout around this episode. Don’t watch another episode of the show until your next workout. This is a great way of staying motivated because it gives you something to look forward to in each workout. Aim to watch three episodes and do three workouts each week.

These five bodyweight exercises are the easiest and fastest way to create a great full body workout. They will increase your strength, stamina, and endurance, and help you burn calories. If you do these bodyweight exercises using the circuit method, then you will increase your metabolism and burn calories long after you’re done working out.

To use the circuit training method, do twenty-five reps of each exercise (except the chin-up, only do five reps of these) three times with a thirty second break in between each set. This will get your blood flowing and should just about match the length of a television program. While this circuit training method is recommended, it is not the only workout you can do with bodyweight exercises. Feel free to adapt these exercises to your needs and your fitness level.


The first bodyweight exercise that is perfect to do while watching TV is the dreaded chin-up. It’s going to be a lot easier to do these now then it was in your high school gym class! Start with only one or two of these per workout and build your strength up until you can successfully do five to ten. This is a great exercise to do because it works your biceps, back, and core.


The push-up is one of the best exercises to do. The exercise focuses on your chest, arms, and core, and can be easily done anywhere. If you are having trouble doing regular push-ups, then do them with your knees touching the floor. You can begin to do increasingly difficult variations on regular push-up as you become stronger.


It’s been proven that crunches aren’t the best way to a six-pack, but they definitely still work your abs! Doing three sets of twenty-five crunches while watching your television show of choice will be enough to tone your stomach and make you feel great. Seventy-five crunches might not sound like a whole lot, but if you consistently do them three (or more) times per week, that is going to add up fast.


The plank is a terrific way to focus on your abdominal and core muscles. This exercise is performed by holding your body in the air with only your forearms and feet touching the ground. Make sure that you keep your legs straight and your body completely parallel to the ground. If you butt is in the air, then you are doing this exercise wrong. The plank isn’t a repetitive exercise. Instead, do a one minute plank for each set.


You didn’t think you were going to get out of working your legs that easy, did you? They may come last, but squats certainly are not least. These guys are going to make your legs much more toned! Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and lower your body towards the ground by bending your legs. Squatting slowly and smoothly makes these more beneficial and allows you to enjoy your television show.

Bodyweight exercises are a great addition to your workout even if you don’t choose to watch TV while doing them. Watching a television show is just a recommendation to keep you from becoming bored with your workout. If all goes well, your bodyweight exercises will tone your body and help you burn calories.