Pieces of Exercise Equipment

It’s easy to get tired of going to the gym. Many people continue to go, even when they are burnt out, because they feel that it is the only way they can get a great daily workout. This isn’t true! Setting up a home gym is cheaper than ever. There is no need for fancy, bulky, and expensive equipment when setting up a home gym. With five key pieces of exercise equipment, you will be set to have an awesome home workout.

1. Stability ball. A stability ball is a great way to develop your core muscles and define your abs. Strengthening your core is important because it increases balance and improves your posture.

While sitting on a stability ball your knees should be bent at a ninety degree angle. It is recommended that people 5’6 and under go for a 55 centimeter ball and people over go for a 65 centimeter ball. When the ball is fully inflated it should sag between 4 and 6 inches.

2. Dumbbells. One of the greatest ways to condition and strengthen your biceps is with dumbbells. There are almost an unlimited number of exercises that you can do with dumbbells. They can be used alone (just dumbbell exercises) or while doing another type of exercise like walking or riding an exercise bike. By using dumbbells in a high intensity interval training workout, you can increase your metabolism and burn calories.

Dumbbells come in an almost endless variety of weights. You can find ones weighing less than 1 pound to more than 50. If it’s your first time using dumbbells and you are unsure of which weight to get, it is worth it to go to your local sporting goods store to try a few different weights out. Instead of regular dumbbells, another popular option is adjustable dumbbells. With these you can add more weight as you grow more comfortable with your exercises and become stronger.

3. Yoga mat. Whether or not you plan to add yoga to your daily exercise routine, a yoga mat is a great addition to any home gym. In addition to yoga, body weight exercises, such as pushups and sit ups, are much more comfortable atop a yoga map rather than on a hard floor.

A standard yoga mat is 24 inches by 68 inches. Your yoga mat doesn’t need to be very thick, just thick enough to cushion you slightly from the ground. For a first-time yoga mat owner, a mat made from synthetic materials will be cheapest and work fine. Mats that are made from rubber and other natural materials can also be found.

4. Jump rope. Cardio can be hard to fit into a home workout without investing in an expensive treadmill or exercise bike. A jump rope is a great substitute. They are cheap, easy to store, and can be used almost anywhere. No longer do you have to trudge through the rain for a cardio workout. Instead you can take out the jump rope and perform a basic interval workout in your own living room or garage with the same benefits.

The handles of your jump rope should reach your armpits when you are standing on the middle portion of the rope. If your jump rope is too long it will catch on the ground. If it is too short then it will catch on your legs.

5. Foam roller. These nifty little pieces of equipment are a must have for anyone who exercises on a consistent basis. They are basically a firm foam log that is used for self-massage and stretching. They allow you to massage, relax, and relieve sore areas of your body. The best thing about a foam roller is that it helps your attack hard-to-reach muscle knots with direct pressure.

The perfect size for a foam roller is about six inches in diameter. They’re basically one size fits all. They come in different lengths, but one that is about a foot and a half long should do it for you.

Working out at home has never been more fun! All you need for an easy, simple, and great workout are these five pieces of exercise equipment. You’ll tone your abs, arms, legs, and loses weight in no time!