How to Motivate Yourself to Work Out

After several weeks of a new workout regimen, it can be easy to lose motivation. Unhealthy habits return, excuses are made, and time at the gym drops. You know that you owe it to your health to keep up the exercise, but you’re less driven than before. Maybe you’re not sure how to get your motivation back. Read on for five tips that should help you motivate yourself to work out.

1. Work out in pairs or groups.
For most people, group workouts are more effective than working out alone. Several studies have discussed the effectiveness of a great workout group. Highly productive groups tend to shed weight fast, with each individual in the group often dropping similar percentages of body weight as the rest of the group members. It appears that working out in a group can be a powerful source of motivation for many people who want to lose weight.

2. Schedule your workouts well in advance.
If you’ve got another person or group to work out with, or even if you’ve decided you’d like to go at it alone, schedule your workouts far in advance. Set times and dates for upcoming exercise sessions as far ahead as possible. This discourages you from skipping on workouts because you’re likely to try to maintain your commitments. For people who prefer to work out alone, tell your friends and family your exercise schedule. The more public you make it, the more likely you’ll be to try to stick to your schedule.

3. Exercise before work.
Exercising before work may not be a popular tip because it often requires waking up at a very early hour. However, it’s a great idea because, after an exhausting day of work, you’re likely to bail on your exercise regime. Get around that problem by working out first thing in morning. You can hit the gym, complete your workout with energy and focus, and then head to work with one commitment already out of the way.

4. Ease into new exercise routines.
It’s great to fully throw yourself into a new exercise program, but it can also burn you out. If you’re new to exercise, or trying out a new rigorous workout, don’t discourage yourself by setting impossibly high standards. Listen to your body, and adapt the length and intensity of your workout accordingly. You should push yourself without defeating yourself.

5. Visualize how you want to look.
Usually, people exercise with a goal in mind. Perhaps they want a flatter stomach or better toned calves. Next time you feel discouraged and want to give up, envision the body you want. Reflect on it for a few seconds. That moment of reflection should give you enough motivation to push through the times you’re thinking about throwing in the towel.

It can be tough to keep up an exercise routine, but it’s not impossible. A little willpower can go a long way. Next time you need some motivation to keep up your workouts, practice those five tips. They can inspire you to hit the gym, push through moments of doubt, and help you get the body you’ve always wanted.